my world of infrared

my world of infrared


WELCOME,  I am Ron French , I have been into photography for 50 years now, and  I have been taking Infrared photos since the 1970's. Back  in those days it was Black & white infrared film, I now use a digital camera, which has made my life easier, no going into the darkroom for hours & no chemicals .The photo's were all taken on either a Fuji IS-1 infrared camera or a  Canon 40D  or 50D slr converted to infrared, which entails removing the IR blocking filter and replacing it with a IR filter of your choice, I Use the 720nm filter.

I used Protech Photographic to convert the 40D & 50D to IR. website telephone 01825 732730. very good and fast service.

This site is to show you how versatile Infrared photography can be, also how beautiful this IR world is that we cannot  normally see.

Due to the interest in these pictures and lots of questions on infrared, I am introducing tips on taking IR pics and how to do the basic process of getting a good picture.

A  unique and useful photographic product was launched July 2014 , designed and made in England.

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