my world of infrared

my world of infrared


The Red picture on the left shows the shot straight from an IR camera with a 720nm filter installed, It consists of only various shades of red, the other picture has had the red swapped for blue, this is a simple thing to do, if you have Photoshop you can make a  simple "action" to do this  for you.

I have developed 4 other actions that when I do the channel swap of red to blue I can get traces of other colours in the picture, It took quite a few hours to get the effects but now I just click and its there.

Now a bit about the tonal qualities of Infrared Photo's,  in simple terms,

Skies are cold, so they come out very dark/black, clouds are warmer than the sky so they come out lighter/white, water is cold so that comes out dark/black. Foliage is a living thing and creates heat in the leaves, so foliage is light /white. that is the basics.

You will see that in a lot of the shots that the skies are very dramatic looking,  that is because a lot of cloud is hardly visible to us, but because  of Infrared they are revealed in all their glory.

I always look at the sky when out with my cameras, a nice variety of clouds  and the IR camera is my first choice.

30/01/16, The last 5 pictures on the IR slide show are infrared but given an oil paint effect

20th feb. 2016. For all those that cannot do a swap channel,

 I  tried several free photo edit software programmes, so if you do not have photoshop and cannot do a channel swap, here is a very simple way of getting the same effect, the first thing to do is to get the brightness and contrast to your liking, then turn the photo to B&W, now this next job varies between programmes, look for filters, photo filters, or change colours, when find the right shade of blue, add the blue filter,  I have had results that are very similar, or the same as a channel swap.

The last photo on my infrared slide show was processed in PaintNet, no channel swap.

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