my world of infrared

my world of infrared



You should now have a shot that is all shades of red,  so lets turn it into a picture that shows off the beauty of IR photos..

This process is for Photoshop users mainly, but Serif Photoplus 10 onwards will be okay, Gimp also, others that I have never used might be OK.

Open up the  shot in camera raw or similar. Adjust Exposure until the foliage is very white but still retains detail, then slide the Contrast to the right, about halfway for this first shot, after that you will learn what setting of contrast suits your taste. go to the Highlight slider and adjust to bring back back detail in the highlights. come out of Camera RAW, you will now be in Photoshop itself..

The first thing to do is go to levels, and click auto levels. you can adjust manually if you want.

 Now open Channel mixer, you will see that the output channel is on RED,  below that is a box on the red line with 100 % in it, change that to 0%, now enter 100% in the box on the blue line. now go up to the output box and click it, there will be 3 colours on a drop down tag, click blue, now you go to the RED line and change the box from 0% to 100%, then down to the Blue line and change it from 100% to 0%. I have sometimes used 10% green in the channel mixer, cut down the blue by 10% to get a nice very pale green in the foliage. I will show you how to use this green effect later.

The channel swap can be made into an "Action" very easy to do, or there are some Infrared channel swap actions available free on the internet.

You should have a shot that is much nicer than the red version. you can now fine tune the picture, brightness, contrast, saturation etc.

If you have any queries please use the contact  page.

I will be turning all this info into a tutorial video later.

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